Where Can I Find Free Father of the Groom Speech Examples

Free Father of the Groom Speech ExamplesHey there! I saw there are lots of forum threads where people ask about where they can find free father of the groom speech examples and since I also got some comments and emails asking on this topic, I thought it would be nice to write a post on this subject.

So, I’m assuming your son’s wedding is approaching and you’re realizing that you need to prepare the speech for this wedding. And since you’re searching for some free toast examples, it means you’re not that kind of creative guy, who can easily talk anytime, on any subject or improvise a toast on the moment.

It’s ok, I’m not that kind of guy either. When my son told me about the wedding, I didn’t even think about my speech as his father, I was too busy thinking about the wedding (yeah, I know in most cases, the bride’s father takes care of everything, but because my son and I are very close and we have that rare special bond between a boy and his father, I decided to get involved a lot in the wedding).

So, I didn’t think about my wedding toast until my son came home 1 week before the wedding and asked me and my wife if we prepared the speeches for the big event. That was the moment when I really felt the pressure of preparing the well-known “father of the groom speech”. Well, I gotta tell you, that wasn’t a nice moment for us (well, for me it was pretty ok, because I’m actually a guy that can easily integrate in a new group of people and giving the job I have, as a salesperson, I talk to strangers every day, so the speech itself wasn’t a problem for me, but my wife had a small stroke when my son mentioned the parents’ wedding speeches).

But even though I’m a salesman and I’m good at selling stuff to people, it’s easy to do because I have a plan that I follow and I have a 30-years’ experience in this field, but this was my first wedding toast and I didn’t even know where to start or what it should include. So I googled a bit about this and it turns out I had only 3 options: Continue reading “Where Can I Find Free Father of the Groom Speech Examples”