Where Can I Find Free Father of the Groom Speech Examples

Free Father of the Groom Speech ExamplesHey there! I saw there are lots of forum threads where people ask about where they can find free father of the groom speech examples and since I also got some comments and emails asking on this topic, I thought it would be nice to write a post on this subject.

So, I’m assuming your son’s wedding is approaching and you’re realizing that you need to prepare the speech for this wedding. And since you’re searching for some free toast examples, it means you’re not that kind of creative guy, who can easily talk anytime, on any subject or improvise a toast on the moment.

It’s ok, I’m not that kind of guy either. When my son told me about the wedding, I didn’t even think about my speech as his father, I was too busy thinking about the wedding (yeah, I know in most cases, the bride’s father takes care of everything, but because my son and I are very close and we have that rare special bond between a boy and his father, I decided to get involved a lot in the wedding).

So, I didn’t think about my wedding toast until my son came home 1 week before the wedding and asked me and my wife if we prepared the speeches for the big event. That was the moment when I really felt the pressure of preparing the well-known “father of the groom speech”. Well, I gotta tell you, that wasn’t a nice moment for us (well, for me it was pretty ok, because I’m actually a guy that can easily integrate in a new group of people and giving the job I have, as a salesperson, I talk to strangers every day, so the speech itself wasn’t a problem for me, but my wife had a small stroke when my son mentioned the parents’ wedding speeches).

But even though I’m a salesman and I’m good at selling stuff to people, it’s easy to do because I have a plan that I follow and I have a 30-years’ experience in this field, but this was my first wedding toast and I didn’t even know where to start or what it should include. So I googled a bit about this and it turns out I had only 3 options: Continue reading “Where Can I Find Free Father of the Groom Speech Examples”

Father of the Groom Speech Template

Wedding speech order

Since we are talking about the father of the groom speech, you can truly take a moment and relax. This is because your speech will never be the first one! Of course, there might be exceptions, but normally a groom’s father won’t be opening the flow of the wedding speeches.

There are many articles focused on wedding speech order, but you don’t need to be stressed about it. Choose any order you like and respect that order. Ideally, such decisions are made with both families agreeing on the order together.

Groom’s Father Wedding Speech Template

I know that all fathers would hope to find the best father of the groom speech template somewhere on the internet. It’s so frustrating to keep searching and browsing on various websites, being unable to find any good-enough speech templates. That’s why I target giving you the best possible template, so that your inspiration and creativity can shine!

Wait a minute, did you read that correctly? You definitely did! It’s a lot about creativity and inspiration, because those are the things to make wedding speeches shine! Let us check this amazing sample of how you could speak on this unique event. Continue reading “Father of the Groom Speech Template”

Remember When Your Son Came Home and Told You That He’s Going to Propose to His Girlfriend?

Do you still remember the day when your son came home and told you and your wife that he’s going to ask his fiancée to marry him? I certainly do and that’s because my son and I had a very special and unique bond, like very few fathers have with their sons.

I vividly remember this moment because that’s when it first hit me that I’ll have to prepare my father of the groom speech for his wedding. Anyway, I didn’t think about it very much until 1 week before the wedding, but this is another story.

I remember it was the Christmas Eve and my wife and I were decorating the tree (yeah, I know, we should have done it earlier, but that year we had some problems at the end of December which didn’t allow us to prepare for Christmas until the last moment) and our son came home with a big smile on his face, we initially thought he was drunk (he’s not really the kind of guy that drinks a lot, but still, we rarely saw him that exhilarated). We asked him what happened, why the big smile, he initially said there’s nothing special and went to the kitchen. He really wanted us to ask him more about this, so he decided to “play it cool”. Continue reading “Remember When Your Son Came Home and Told You That He’s Going to Propose to His Girlfriend?”

Deciding on the Type of Speech You’ll Deliver at Your Son’s Wedding

Here’s a short article I actually decided just now to write about how to decide what type of speech to prepare for your son’s wedding. I got an email from a guy in Kansas City asking me if he should go with a funny speech or a more serious, sober speech at the wedding of his son, which was happening over just a week and a half. And since I found some other people asking on different forums or wedding communities about this, I decided to write this short article to help you clarify on what you should chose (as a side note, it’s 1:00 AM here and there are some chances that I’ll make small mistakes and typos, but you can skip that. Post a comment with the errors you find and I’ll correct them. Thanks for your understanding).

Well, from my point of view, it’s not that hard to decide whether you go with a funny father of the groom speech or you try something more sentimental, like most mothers do (there’s no shame in doing this, men are sensitive also, yes). Here are a few hints to help you decide if you go with a funny speech or not.

First, are you a funny guy in general? Because if you’re not, it will be hard to pull off a funny speech if you won’t deliver it naturally. And trust me, it’s easy to tell if a guy is being natural when he’s talking or he’s fake. At least for me it’s easy to read a person, having dealt with so many people during my career in sales. So this is actually the most important thing you should consider: if you’re a funny guy, good, you can think about having a funny wedding speech, but even so, read on because there are other things you should consider. Continue reading “Deciding on the Type of Speech You’ll Deliver at Your Son’s Wedding”

Father of the Bride Speech Template

Even though I created this blog mostly for sharing ideas and tips for creating speeches for the father of the groom, I decided in the next articles to share more tips for bride’s father, bride’s mother or groom’s mother also.

The speech template might differ a bit, but most ideas regarding how to write your speech and how to present it apply to all speeches, so it’s nice to share some tips for the other speakers also.

If you arrived here searching for a speech template or example, you already know that the father of the bride speech is one of the most important ones at a wedding. This is probably because you are giving the opening speech, being the host of the event. If this is your first speech as the bride’s father and you don’t know where to start from, what you should say and when you should say it, don’t worry, I’ll give you in this post the exact template your speech should follow.

Father of Bride Speech Template

So, let’s begin. The fist thing you should do is to thank everyone for being present at the wedding. This is what you should start your speech to, in order to show the guests the appreciation for their effort to make it to your daughter’s wedding.

Then, you should also thank to all the other people involved in the wedding preparation. You should thank the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the caterer, the MC for the great atmosphere he’s creating. Continue reading “Father of the Bride Speech Template”