Deciding on the Type of Speech You’ll Deliver at Your Son’s Wedding

Here’s a short article I actually decided just now to write about how to decide what type of speech to prepare for your son’s wedding. I got an email from a guy in Kansas City asking me if he should go with a funny speech or a more serious, sober speech at the wedding of his son, which was happening over just a week and a half. And since I found some other people asking on different forums or wedding communities about this, I decided to write this short article to help you clarify on what you should chose (as a side note, it’s 1:00 AM here and there are some chances that I’ll make small mistakes and typos, but you can skip that. Post a comment with the errors you find and I’ll correct them. Thanks for your understanding).

Well, from my point of view, it’s not that hard to decide whether you go with a funny father of the groom speech or you try something more sentimental, like most mothers do (there’s no shame in doing this, men are sensitive also, yes). Here are a few hints to help you decide if you go with a funny speech or not.

First, are you a funny guy in general? Because if you’re not, it will be hard to pull off a funny speech if you won’t deliver it naturally. And trust me, it’s easy to tell if a guy is being natural when he’s talking or he’s fake. At least for me it’s easy to read a person, having dealt with so many people during my career in sales. So this is actually the most important thing you should consider: if you’re a funny guy, good, you can think about having a funny wedding speech, but even so, read on because there are other things you should consider.

Next, how well do you know the audience? I know you could say “what difference does it make, a joke is a joke”. Well, it’s not that simple. You would obviously feel more comfortable and you could speak easily if you were to know most of the wedding guests. It’s like having a chat with a big group of friends and, being a happy occasion, you make jokes and everybody laughs, etc. But if you don’t know most of the people present there at your son’s wedding, it would be much more difficult delivering a funny toast, because, first, you won’t feel very comfortable and it won’t come naturally, and second, maybe most people there don’t appreciate the kind of jokes that you’ll make. And this brings me to the next point.

You should ask you son about the wedding guests to have a general idea about who you’re “dealing” with. If most of the guests are young people, friends or colleagues of the bride and the groom, then probably you’ll have a much better time delivering a funny father of the groom speech, because let’s face it, young people have a different kind of sense of humor. They are a different generation of us, they watch different things and find all these cat videos and fail compilations funny.

But if there will be a big percentage of older people (well, not very old, but the same age as you and me), you’ll obviously be more careful with the jokes you make and if you decide to make a funny speech, you’ll make different kind of jokes, like “Lauren and Hardy” kind of humor.

But since I trust your judgment, I won’t tell you to apply any exact rule here. You’ll have to do what you consider appropriate and you’ll do this when you’ll get to know your audience. That’s why it’s better to ask your son about this when preparing your speech (assuming you’re not very involved in the wedding preparation and you don’t know much about the guests). Keep in mind that you’ll have to adapt your father of the groom wedding speech according to the audience, but also keep in mind that it should reflect your main character: if you’re funny, go with a funny speech, if you’re a more sensitive guy, go with a heart-touching speech, everyone will appreciate it. Good luck!

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