Father of the Bride Speech Template

Even though I created this blog mostly for sharing ideas and tips for creating speeches for the father of the groom, I decided in the next articles to share more tips for bride’s father, bride’s mother or groom’s mother also.

The speech template might differ a bit, but most ideas regarding how to write your speech and how to present it apply to all speeches, so it’s nice to share some tips for the other speakers also.

If you arrived here searching for a speech template or example, you already know that the father of the bride speech is one of the most important ones at a wedding. This is probably because you are giving the opening speech, being the host of the event. If this is your first speech as the bride’s father and you don’t know where to start from, what you should say and when you should say it, don’t worry, I’ll give you in this post the exact template your speech should follow.

Father of Bride Speech Template

So, let’s begin. The fist thing you should do is to thank everyone for being present at the wedding. This is what you should start your speech to, in order to show the guests the appreciation for their effort to make it to your daughter’s wedding.

Then, you should also thank to all the other people involved in the wedding preparation. You should thank the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the caterer, the MC for the great atmosphere he’s creating.

Next, you get to the interesting part, where you get to say a few things about your daughter. Here, you can share a few stories about your daughter’s childhood, maybe a few nice memories and things that you shared together. Even though the best man’s speech is supposed to be the funniest one, you should use a little humor too. I mean, don’t make your speech too emotional or sentimental. This is reserved for the bride’s mother of the maid of honor, but you, as the bride’s father, should use a little humor.

Though, you should keep in mind that your speech should be around 5 minutes, maximum 7 minutes, so don’t get too long on the daughter stories sharing part, because you have a few more things to say in your father of the bride speech.

You should next say a few nice things about the groom and welcome him into your family. If you have about 1 minute fir this part, you can say what was your first impression when you daughter brought him home for the first time, maybe use some fine humor here too. Anyway, make sure you say nice things about the groom, even though you didn’t really like him the first time you met him.

You will end your speech with a toast to the newlyweds. Raise your glass and ask everybody to join you, and wish the bride and groom a happy marriage together, a wonderful life and maybe close with a funny quote.

This is the basic template for the father of the bride speech. Of course, depending on the culture, you can adapt it, if it’s required for the bride’s father to speak more, for example. You can add a few more things to the speech, or make it even shorter, if you’re not that kind of guy that likes giving toasts.

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