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Wedding speech order

Since we are talking about the father of the groom speech, you can truly take a moment and relax. This is because your speech will never be the first one! Of course, there might be exceptions, but normally a groom’s father won’t be opening the flow of the wedding speeches.

There are many articles focused on wedding speech order, but you don’t need to be stressed about it. Choose any order you like and respect that order. Ideally, such decisions are made with both families agreeing on the order together.

Groom’s Father Wedding Speech Template

I know that all fathers would hope to find the best father of the groom speech template somewhere on the internet. It’s so frustrating to keep searching and browsing on various websites, being unable to find any good-enough speech templates. That’s why I target giving you the best possible template, so that your inspiration and creativity can shine!

Wait a minute, did you read that correctly? You definitely did! It’s a lot about creativity and inspiration, because those are the things to make wedding speeches shine! Let us check this amazing sample of how you could speak on this unique event.

“Boys and girls, we’ll now sing Hakuna Matata together! No, I was kidding, relax Johnny!

I am proud and happy to stand in front of you guys and give you a warm welcome to this event. I know you have all been looking forward to this day and barely resisted not to call me to ask me to move the wedding day a bit closer. Our families know that some of you couldn’t simply get here as you were forced to take some days off and we’d like to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts.

I would also like to thank a lot of people for their help. First of all, Sarah’s parents and family were there for us whenever needed. I also thank my wife and my two cousins, Eric and Jake, for standing by me, helping in the organizing even when it seemed that there are no solutions to the things we intend to solve. Some of you already know how important it is to get help when you organize a wedding. For those who didn’t have such things yet – I can tell, you it’s amazing when you have many real friends to support you!

Brian, my son, I will now talk about you if you allow me. What did you say, you don’t? Well I don’t care, I am still talking about you. Relax folks, just joking around here. Some of you already know how amazing Brian is. Or is he? Let’s take a short ‘lesson’ together on how Brian is as a man!

First of all, I congratulate you my son for deciding to marry at the age of 25! I only made this decision when I was 30, although I knew my wife since I was 26. So yeah, I could’ve made a decision at least when I was 27. So yes, Brian, you were right on being with Sarah from now on.

I would really like to share the story of Sarah and Brian with you, my beloved guests, because it’s one of the most amazing stories. It started quite interestingly. Brian was 23 and he was walking home, he just met one of his old buddies and went out for a little boys’ time. However, Brian was never the alcoholic person and never the person to become aggressive when he was with his friends. So, on his way home, he witnessed something rather interesting and shocking. A woman – yes, I am talking about Sarah – was literally pushed out of a car, cried for the driver to stop and of course, she was left there without any remorse. That’s when her heart was broken.

I have no idea how Brian managed to handle things from that day, but I remember that he was focused on his own things while he was helping Sarah in everything. He made her surprises, kept telling her that she is a real woman, she deserves someone who is ready to appreciate her and respect her, to make her feel loved. A couple of weeks later, they were dating. Why is this story important? If you have a good heart and if you find someone who is hurt, it’s not necessarily true that you should leave the hurt person alone.

Of course, Sarah is very special. Brian found out that she is so dedicated to relationships, meaning that she gives everything, her entire heart and soul to the man who she’s with. So yes, it was a win-win situation for both Brian and Sarah and I am proud of you!

Let us toast for an everlasting and happy marriage of Brian and Sarah!”

3 tips for the father of the groom speech

We’ll now check 3 tips you could use anytime within a father of the groom speech:

  1. Study all elements of the proper use of body language during wedding speeches. It’s very important! As a reference, you could watch some wedding-topic movies or read some books.
  2. Be stylishly funny within your speech. Trust me, people adore these things!
  3. If needed, allow some flexibility. This means that you can sometimes change your initial “plans” on what you are about to say. However, keep the main line of the ideas and of your message, as too many changes would be troubling.

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