Remember When Your Son Came Home and Told You That He’s Going to Propose to His Girlfriend?

Do you still remember the day when your son came home and told you and your wife that he’s going to ask his fiancée to marry him? I certainly do and that’s because my son and I had a very special and unique bond, like very few fathers have with their sons.

I vividly remember this moment because that’s when it first hit me that I’ll have to prepare my father of the groom speech for his wedding. Anyway, I didn’t think about it very much until 1 week before the wedding, but this is another story.

I remember it was the Christmas Eve and my wife and I were decorating the tree (yeah, I know, we should have done it earlier, but that year we had some problems at the end of December which didn’t allow us to prepare for Christmas until the last moment) and our son came home with a big smile on his face, we initially thought he was drunk (he’s not really the kind of guy that drinks a lot, but still, we rarely saw him that exhilarated). We asked him what happened, why the big smile, he initially said there’s nothing special and went to the kitchen. He really wanted us to ask him more about this, so he decided to “play it cool”.

Since we were in a hurry, we didn’t bother asking him more and we continued decorating the Christmas tree. Then, after 5 minutes or so, he came back in the living room and he gave us the big news: “Ok, I was hoping you’ll insist a bit more to find out what’s happening, but whatever. Here’s the deal, in the New Year’s Eve, at midnight, I’ll ass Pam to marry me”.

Well, there was an awkward silence for 10 seconds or so, we didn’t know how to react to this. Of course we were happy for him, but we were also surprised because they knew each other for less than 6 months. Well, after we broke the ice and congratulate him, we gathered around the tree and asked him all kinds of questions about when he decided to do this, if he had already panned and other questions like this.

Then, after we finished decorating the tree, my wife returned to the kitchen to check on the dishes she was preparing and my son and I got a few minutes to have a father-son bonding moment. As I said, unlike most families, my son and I are very close and we have a special relationship, where he trusts me with everything and he can be as open with me as someone can be.

The next day, the 1st day of Christmas, my son and his bride-to-be visited us for a couple of hours then went to visit her parents (they were already living in my son’s apartment; I know, for some parents, especially the bride’s parents, this isn’t an option before the wedding, but both her parents and us are quite open-minded and accepted the fact that the kids should know each other better before the wedding).

Anyway, for me that was a special moment, a moment that I’ll remember many years from now, and if you don’t understand me is only because you don’t have that special relationship with your son that I have with mine. And I’m proud about this.

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